Monday, January 28, 2013

Girl talk...& Rutabagas

I am increasingly thankful for the amazing women in my life! God has truly blessed me! I know with certainty that I can turn to them for love & encouragement, advice & accountability, laughter & tears, hugs & a strong shoulder. And they are women that touch different parts of my heart & my walk with God, my family, my work, my hobbies (insert cooking and Crossfit here to just name a few) and of course the friends that just are GREAT at making me relax and are so fun to have lunch with, go out for a quick dinner or drink, run to the mall or just chat any way that we can! You know those women in your life? And girls, this is a public THANK YOU for being my friends! XO

Well today I had a great day connecting with a few of these women-lunch plans for next week with one, coffee planned with another, checking in via text message with several, a good chat with my Mom and then there was the talk you can only have with a girlfriend after Crossfit! As I was having this conversation I was thinking..."I need to blog about this...this is too good not to share...too important. BUT, the friend will remain nameless"

So after a great WOD, I was practicing my double-unders while my sweet potato cooked in the microwave (ask me about that later if you are curious). Our chat quickly made me realize something-there are certain things that only women can talk to other women about! And thank goodness she did because we quickly realized that we were in the same boat and until then we both thought we were the only ones! know who you are and I am so glad we get to workout together a few days a week! You are so genuine, so strong and REAL! I am glad we stumbled into that lil' talk! WE AREN'T ALONE! Thank goodness! I drove home and thanked God for the women in my life!

OK, that is the personal story for the for the recipe. The other morning I came home from Crossfit and embarked on trying a new vegetable...the RUTABAGA! Yes, I had never had one in my almost 42 years of life and after seeing Juli from PaleOMG use them in a few recipes recently I decided I needed to do that same! This is what I came up with...

Rutabaga Breakfast Patties
2 rutabagas-shredded in food processor or grated
5 eggs-whisked
2 T fresh basil-chopped
1/8 c sun dried tomatoes-sliced
salt & pepper to taste
2-3 T ghee/clarified butter
Combine all the ingredients except ghee in a bowl. Mix with your hands.
Heat nonstick skillet on med-high heat and melt ghee/clarified butter. Using 1/2 c measuring cup scoop mixture and place in prepared skillet. Honestly I used my hand to do this but measuring cup sounds more professional. =) Cook for 3 minutes then flip and cook another 2-3 minutes. Recipe will make 5-6 patties. Serve with fruit and breakfast sausage or bacon. Also, you could do the same recipe but substitute the rutabaga with a sweet potato or yam but I would you to TRY the rutabaga. =)

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